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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Not sure if anyone's ever asked CBS what the deal was with the weird cropping of "Sins of the Father" on the sampling disc? I know one theory is that it was cropped for a 16x9 test but then (accidentally?) cropped from that back to 4:3, but not sure if there was ever an official word on the subject, or whether it would be fixed for the season 3 set.
The cropping was just a result of the steep learning curve the team had to traverse at the start of the project. I've been told that apart from the 13 seconds of missing footage found that will be reinserted, the episode won't be changed for Season 3.
Not doubting what you are saying at all, but "steep learning curve" seems like a silly excuse. It's just a simple matter of cropping the image correctly from the raw footage. I don't see how that is difficult to understand/implement.
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