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Re: Did the Voyager crew make the wrong call in Memorial? "

1. Possibly. John Gill thought that with some tweaks that he could get National Socialism right. You can't guarantee that everyone will understand the message you broadcast in the right way.

2. They didn't plan on anyone stupid or ignorant enough to fly within range of their rape machine because they're morons.

3. Noobs always bite onto the same topics. Remember Bill Murray in Groundhog day? you get the chance to recompose the same arguments until no one can find a counter to your point of view.

4. If there's a memorial in space and no one knows it's there does it really exist?

5. Warning or inviting?

6. The psychological tests given to cadets during their education (re Wes in TNG season 1.) are supposed to make these invulnerable to such minor annoyances.
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