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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Mister Fandango: There's a difference between something being part of a series' basic conceit/concept and said thing being the entire story; the blackout is part of Revolution's basic concept and conceit, but, as presented in both the pilot and tonight's episode, it isn't the entire story.

Speaking of tonight's episode, I really enjoyed it, even moreso than I enjoyed the pilot. Its plot reminded me very much of the Firefly episodes War Stories and Safe, and even conjured up memories of the short-lived FOX series Vanished and Reunion.

A bunch of people on another board were talking about how they found Charlie annoying or unlikeable, but I have to disagree. She reminds me a lot of Buffy Summers and River, albeit without the superpowers, and I got a major kick out of her admonishment of Miles and Nora.

The pilot didn't really give us much of an indication as to the genesis of the series' title, but that was very much remedied in this ep, and I'm really interested in seeing where things go with the eponomous revolution going forward, especially since, judging by the preview for next week, our characters are very much going to be wading into the thick of things.
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