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Re: VOY Caption This 87; A Wise Man Once Said...

Neelix: Anybody catch the license number of that SUV?

Tuvok: This is boring, Mister Neelix. The Daily Show has now won that category for 10 years in a row.
Neelix: Yeah, but look! Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon are attacking Jon Stewart!

Tuvok: 200 Credits on Colbert.

Kim: And then, after taking command of the night shift, productivity went up 3%.

Judge: That's very interesting, Mister Kim, but my question was about whether or not The Doctor should be allowed to control his own works.

Tuvok: Row, Row, Row your boat-

Chakotay: What are you doing?

Tuvok: This is all I can contribute to the camping trip, as I did not bring Marshmellons or Rocket boots.... Commander, did the Captain go climbing? Oh, no.

Janeway: Another round?

Chakotay: No.

Janeway: Fine, I'll drink both glasses.

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