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Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

I'm way late to this series. I've only seen a handful of partial episodes over the years when the show hit network reruns and then it was later at night. Not sure how many episodes in total I actually saw. Essentially this is a first time viewing for me for the whole series.

I did this with nuBSG and Farscape the past year as well.
I see the forum has little activity but any teases of what I might expect along the way are welcome but I ask you please to not outright spoiler anything for me.


I've started off with the first 4 episodes thus far

1x1- Children of the Gods
1x2- The Enemy Within
1x3- Emancipation
1x4- The Broca Divide

It seems the series picks up only a couple years after the movie and again Colonel O'Neil(l) is at home. This time retired instead of on extended leave. The ties back to the movie were a nice touchstone to the point of even having the same actor back playing Skaara. We've got Kawalsky and Ferretti back in tow as well. I really wasn't expecting that of the latter three. The show wasted no time though in cutting ties and establishing that they would not be the focus. Although it looks like Skaara will be back in play at some point, as well as Sha're, since they are vessels of the the gods.

Seeing as how the pilot and the movie are obviously linked right down to one actor playing the same character and moments like the lighter playing out what is the "in universe" reason for O'Neill's spelling error? Is there one or just chalked up to bad real world goof. I mean they spell Kawalsky and Ferretti right in both credits, hard to think O'Neill with the one 'L' was an issue.

So it seems as stated in the second episode that ancient Earth cultures most likely populate many of the destinations on the Stargate. They wasted no time by showing early Monguls and Minoan cultures in episodes 3&4. I'm thinking this concept will last for the first few seasons? I know at some point we get beyond(I know little gray Thor is much later down the road) that but for now that's likely the first few season? Yes?

My goal would be to have all 10 seasons viewed by the end of the year. I also know there were some wrap up telefilms, right? It's down the road but should those be viewed after the series is over or are they bridging films to any particular seasons.

Hopefully this thread will allow some diehards to relive the the series with me.
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