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Re: Did the Voyager crew make the wrong call in Memorial? "

Funny how discussions always go pear shaped on Page 3, just when I have time to log in and have a look.

So -- we've had this discussion before in another thread, haven't we? So I shan't entirely repeat myself, except to make the following points:

1. Reminding outsiders of atrocities, giving victims a voice, is inherently a Good Thing (see Auschwitz, Rwanda, Cambodia, Srebenica...). When an act of remembrance is carried out by the perpetrators as an act of genuine repentance, it is awesome.

2. Forcing yourself into someone else's head without their knowledge or consent is inherently a Bad Thing.

3. When #1 and #2 collide you have competing issues, of equal value, and it makes for an interesting script. (QED: I've only been on this board for a couple of months and this is the second time there's been a discussion on this.) This is a Very Good Thing.

4. Keeping the memorial functioning is important to maintain the intent and benefit of #1.

5. Warning incoming travellers of what it does mitigates the possible damage done by #2.

6. Not giving PTSD counselling to affected crew members, and forcing those who suffered most to restore the Memorial is a demonstration of shitty and insensitive personnel management.


My $0.02.
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