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Sisko's favorite baseball team

Excluding any mention of future (from our perspective) non existent baseball teams... What is Sisko's favorite baseball team?

In Advesary he seems very excited about watching the 1964 game seven of the world series, in which the cardinals prevailed. One thing that means is that he can't be a yankees fan since they lost. Is he a cardinals fan?

But, In take me out to the holosuite, he wears a san fransisco giants hat in practice. Obviously a reference to starfleet HQ... but is it something more? Does he have an allegiance to the giants?

There is no MLB team in new orleans, otherwise, that would be the safe bet.

Does he just like teams that have beaten the texas rangers in the world series? (Cardinals and Giants) If so, why does he hate the rangers so much?

I haven't seen every episode, are there any other hints he drops about what could possibly be his favorite (MODERN DAY) team?
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