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Re: officers are called 'sir'

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not referring to someone (especially if they are older) as Se˝or or Se˝ora is very disrespectful.
sir has more to do with knights
Se˝or can mean Mister or Sir. It never means "Knight."

Like it or not, Starfleet is the armed forces of the Federation, they possess a military hierarchy, and military customs and courtesies.
I referred to the first post, Star Trek is inspired by yet not subject to stupid real-word military customs.
They're still subject to the important military customs and courtesies. One example, they still brace to the position of attention, in the very first episode as Picard was touring engineering a crewman very obviously did this, Picard once verbally dress Worf down for not coming to his feet fast enough. When Admiral Necheyev felt it necessary (in Descent) to remind Picard of his professional duty, Picard came to his feet, assumed the position of attention and and responded "Yes Sir."

That's because there is a military hierarchy. Picard out ranks Worf. Necheyev out ranks Picard.

nor a contemporary military with all its obscene rituals and relations to violence.
You talking about Starfleet, right? When the Federation needs to employ violence (break things and hurt people), they don't tell Starfleet to move to the back, while a separate organization comes out of the wings. Starfleet is the organization who fight the Federation's wars, patrol the boarders, confront the barbarians at the gates.

Something like Abu Ghraib is not the exception ...
Sorry, but yes that was the exception. That why soldiers went to prison, were removed from service and a General lost her rank.

... that values discipline yet not brainless obedience and above all it takes its own rules seriously.
Just like that present say military.

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