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Re: Logical quick endings to episodes.

Actually, the 2009 movie had a very quick ending in a plot point that defied all logic and completely took me out of the movie.
I cannot believe that Spock Prime's Jellyfish ship was not equipped with some sort of self- destruct, or that Spock Prime would not do what Newspock attempted at the end of the movie.
Spock Prime had to know what a threat Red Matter would be in the wrong hands. Why didn't he do a kamikaze run at the Narada rather than risk having Red Matter fall into Nero's hands?
It defies all logicand it should have been addressed in the movie. A simple throwaway line would have covered it.
Spock Prime, "Knowing the danger the Red Matter might present to the galaxy, I attempted to ram the Narada but unfortunately, I was knocked unconscious briefly when Nero's tractor beam seized my ship."
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