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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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Did you even watch the pilot?
Yes, I did. Did you?

The conspiracy stuff makes up a very small fraction of the episode's content.
You mean like it being the whole focus of the initial scenes? Or the driving force of the entire show? Or the driving force behind every single character's motivation on the show, good guy and bad guy alike? The entire world has been turned upside down because of the conspiracy. Charlie is out to rescue her brother who was taken because of the conspiracy and avenge her father who died because of the conspiracy. The ex-Google guy was given a magical amulet to protect because of the conspiracy. The uncle is being hunted because of the conspiracy. Charlie's little boyfriend is/was hunting them because of the conspiracy. The math teacher has a secret lab and magical talisman because of the conspiracy. Espisito and the warlord are hunting the uncle because of the conspiracy. etc.

But, no, you say it's a only a small fraction of the show. So none of that can possibly be accurate.
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