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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

This movie is excellent! I have no real prior knowldedge of Judge Dredd, I was aware of it, primarily because of the Stallone movie, but didn't know anything beyond it being set in a dystopian future where law enforcement is handled by cops who apprehend criminals and sentence them. I found myself compeltely immersed in this world and itrigued by it. The Judges basically being one man armies who have virtually free reign in solving crimes, and as we see power does corrupt a few.

Dredd himself is a really cool and interesting character. Basically the uber Judge, the guy is the best one around there. A tough hardened badass he stands up for what is right and tries to be just and fair, despite having free reign to even kill criminals in the right cicumstances and having corrupt comrades he never abuses his powers and always downplays his awesomeness with simple sentences to desribe his accomplishments like "there was a situation and I dealt with it." Karl Urban owns this role and is the perfect actor to cast. I really could not imagine anyone else in the role.

Though gory in the extremes, the gore serves a point of showing how vicious the movie's world is and isn't something thrown in because "it's cool."

I could have done without the slow-mo scenes from the perspectives of the druggies. This got really annoying really quickly. Thankfully, the movie used it sparingly, unfortunately there's something like three slow-mo sequences within the movie's first forty minutes and so it gets rather tiresome.

It's a shame the movie is doing rather poorly at the box office. I would have loved a sequel and possibly a Dredd movie series. Oh well, at least there's still this one excellent movie to enjoy.
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