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One minor detail I liked about both "The Cage" and "Where No Man...": the transporter room looked as if it had to be operated by a two-man crew, not just one guy popping in and tripping it like it's a photocopier. That gave it a nice, naval touch.
What I liked in "The Cage", and what they didn't keep here afterwards, was the loud rumbling/power generation of the transporter. Gave a real sense of power about the transporter, which I guess it should have.

I also liked the two-man crew operating the transporter, as if it is a machine needing technicians and operators.

Otherwise, you're right, it was much like a photocopier. How many times did we see a landing party arrive in the transporter room and Spock or Scotty steps over and handles it? Right, like it was a photocopier or something.

If that's all it takes, someone can walk in from the corridor and can do it, why bother assigning a transporter chief or technician? Not full-time, at least.
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