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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I agree, the clones are a bore but the show is very limited in what it can do with them.
Well, that's not agreeing with me because it's not what I said at all. I don't find the clone characters boring; I find gunfights and battle scenes boring -- in general, not just in The Clone Wars. The parts of that 4-parter that weren't just shooty-bang-kaboom were actually pretty interesting -- and I respect their daring in telling a movie-length story that was almost devoid of canonical characters, not to mention one where Dee Bradley Baker single-handedly played over 90 percent of the entire cast.

And I'd say the clones are the characters the show is least limited in what it can do with, since they're original characters (aside from Cody) and the writers have pretty much carte blanche to develop them however they like. And no, the show can't really have the Republic confront the morality of what it's doing with the clones or change its policies, but it can tell more personal stories about how the clones themselves perceive and react to their situation, and those are some of the more interesting stories the show does. I just prefer it when the clones are talking and interacting as characters than when they're just shooting and being shot.

In a show with more creative freedom, the story of soldiers who are manufactured to fight a war could be much more compelling. They don't all have to be clones of each other for instance.
Well, that's part of what's interesting about the show's portrayal of them. They all have the same baseline appearance and voice, but they're very much individuals.

Episodes could be told from the enemy's point of view, whoever they are.
They're the Sith, Separatists, and droids, as we know. But yes, there has been too much of a tendency to focus on the pure-evil side of the Separatist movement. There have been a couple of episodes that made an effort to explore the Separatists who have legitimate grievances and good intentions, but not enough has been done with that to date.
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