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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I agree, the clones are a bore but the show is very limited in what it can do with them. Can't really go into the ethics of the Republic manufacturing sentient beings in order to send them to fight in a war they never asked for. The Republic has to stay basically the good guys.

In a show with more creative freedom, the story of soldiers who are manufactured to fight a war could be much more compelling. They don't all have to be clones of each other for instance. They could be like Cylons, with several models, specialized for various tasks. The moral and psychological issues would be wide open. And the military could also have soldiers who aren't manufactured. Episodes could be told from the enemy's point of view, whoever they are.

When they do a boring ep, I just focus on the gorgeous art. If that's the episode I'm thinking of, they were on a planet that looked like Tron with the neon effects, loved that! Also, I like stories that focus on individual Jedi characters, most of the political episodes, and even the "comic" eps with the droids.

TCW is bascially a space war series, but it includes a wide variety of locales, politics back in the capitol, various side characters not directly involved in the fight, the enemy's point of view (Sith, even the enemy droids to some extent), and non-clone combatants (Jedi, various fighters on Republic worlds).

Even without the budgetary advantage of being animated, a space war series that is crafted from the start to be fascinating, without having to incorporate or compensate for various poorly planned ideas, should be able to be just as good, if not better.
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