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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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I think that they did that, as I said in my earlier post, I don't think that the fall of the earlier civilization will be that important. I think that the question of WHY the power is off going to be the key.

Mark my words...AI...people.
Disagree, I guess. I'd rather watch the immediate aftermath, as things fall apart and new forms rise up, follow a group trying to survive as things change. Like Walking Dead, but with less zombies.

Instead, we're gonna get some moustache-twirling conspiracy show, and it's gonna get cancelled before we find out the ending anyway. Which is fine, because there's a pretty big missing step between knocking civilization back to the stone age and profit, so whatever the evil plot ends up being will be underwhelming anyway. That kind of group already HAD power, so they'd want to make fairly minor changes to grow that power. Not blow it all up and fundamentally change the planet and try to see if they can get powerful again.

Feel free to theorize all you like, but finding the answer (if we even ever get one) will likely piss you off more than anything.

I prefer the characters take front stage, and be put against environment and circumstance, and just other opportunistic people, rather than some plotting cabal that makes zero logical sense. again...
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