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Re: Rename The Motion Picture

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Oh, I agree. I wasn't intending to diss CE3K, which I saw at least three times in the theater. I was just pointing out that the success of CE3K may have influenced the way the SFX were handled in TMP . . . .
No, no, I didn't take you to be dissing CE3K in the slightest. Just the opposite actually. I was just throwing in my two cents on CE3K.

I think you might be right about its influence.

I was about to point out also that Trumbull was involved in all three films: 2001, CE3K, and ST:TMP, but the timeline of his involvement in TMP was different than the other two. I don't really know to what degree Trumbull had an influence on which shots were included in TMP. Also, CE3K could have easily influenced TMP independently of Trumbull's involvement.
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