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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

Okay, I'll grant that the DMV might be more efficient than NASA, and that NASA would just redirect many personnel to other projects. However, their fixed-location, dedicated workforce would still be cut (as it was when the Shuttle was retired), which, perhaps, pretty much explains why the major design requirement for the SLS was to employ the same people in the same places to do pretty much the same jobs.

Maybe it's the first spacecraft in history whose first design sketches were of workflow, staffing levels, and responsibilities.

"So then these people here build a new version of that thing they build, and it attaches to the thing built by those people over there. These people here can't build the thing they used to build, so we'll have them build something else and find a place to attach it, maybe up on top."

"Can what they assemble actually launch something?"

"In theory, yes, but that's not what's important."

"How often could we launch it, if we get that far?"

"As often as it takes to keep everyone busy."
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