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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

Yeah, on first viewing it was fun to wonder where everything was going between the cabin stuff and the stuff in the control center. Was this a reaslity show? What's going on? And we eventually find out that it has more sinister motives when someone is killed and eventually it's a ritual. And though it's been done before I loved the playing on the tropes of the genre and how things were manipulated to ensure they happened a certain way. (Slut dies first, everyone illogically decides to split up, the "virgin" is the last to survie and either lives or dies.)

Also some very Whedon-esque writing. Like when the intern is having an aloud conversation with himself on who to bid on with the monster/scenario and the operations guy just says, "More than anything else I just want this moment to end."

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