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Re: Resident Evil: Retribution. Bit shallow, even by this series stand

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Of course they knew.
No they didn't. The first team arrived because the Hive had been shut down and no one knew why. The second team arrived with as little knowledge because they had lost contact with the first team. Both teams came prepared for a biohazard but neither team knew what the nature of the hazard was until each reopened the Hive in turn. Both leaders stated as much in the script. Go back and watch the stupid movie and listen carefully.

They had found Alice and her activist friend a while before that and did some thorough testing on them.
They were captured just before the reopening of the Hive and sent to an alternate facility to be tested. Alice woke up from her testing long after the Hive had been reopened and the T-virus was released into Racoon City. If you're so sure the teams knew it was the T-virus why on Earth would either of them open the Hive?

Answer: They. Didn't. Know. The first team leader said they didn't know. The second team leader said he wanted to know. You would be right if the T-virus were the only thing being tested in the facility, but the above statements and actions are evidence that wasn't the case.

You can't contain an airborne virus with a fence and some goons with guns.
Of course you can't. The fence and the goons were only there to keep anyone and anything from leaving until the real containment protocol -- the nuke --showed up.

Neither does evacuation help. Which was the point that I was trying to make.
The people being evacuated were important employees of the company that controlled the anti-virus to the airborne virus. I'm pretty sure getting evacuated and then getting inoculated would have helped those particular individuals a great deal.

Alice didn't know any such thing
Why wouldn't she? You wanna tell me she traveled all across the country, never encountering someone zombiefying from a cause other than being bitten?
For a supposed airborne virus, that would be extremely unlikely.
True, but it would be near impossible for her to know the exact nature of the zombie's transformation because when she encounters them she usually runs from them or chops their heads off. It's not like she has time to sit down and interview them. "Mr. Zombie, did you get bitten or did you get hit by a car?"

And anyway we were talking about whether or not she knew about the true nature of Arcadia, and that would also be impossible for her to know because she hadn't fucking been there yet.

When has the spread of a Zombie plague ever been portrayed in a realistic way? Didn't some scientists prove a while ago that such a plague wouldn't be selfsustaining?
If it were only transferred through person-to-person contact, of course it wouldn't. All you have to do is keep away from and burn the victims.

For the billionth time, the T-virus is airborne! It was depicted as airborne in the first fucking reel of the first fucking movie. Nobody walked down to the lab and licked it up off the floor. Opening the Hive infected an entire city, and until the appearance of zombies reached a crisis mode, people in this city did what people in every city do: leave, by car, by plane, breathing T-virus particles on everyone they came in contact with, waiting for the first person to die and zombifie, whatever the cause. And I'm pretty sure the Red Queen wouldn't have killed an entire building full of people if she thought the resulting outbreak wouldn't be "self-sustaining," which means the little bugger is probably a lot more robust than you give it credit for.

And what kills me is that we're even arguing about this. We're talking about movies where a fashion model in tight leather jumps around killing zombies and mutant dogs and special forces troops and giants with big-ass axes and the idea you're having a problem with is that the virus at the center of it all might be transmitted through the air, which has got to be the LEAST silly aspect of the whole series.
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