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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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That sounds a bit like The Standard Thing, but Cuarón's involvement piques my interest. Having to wait seven years for The Big Surprise, tho...dunno about that.
Yeah, given typical modern series lengths, maybe they'd be better going for five years.

Yeah I'll give it a shot. If it's very war-focused, fine by me, war stories on TV is not an overdone genre, probably because of the expense. Being sci fi in particular increases the range of story possibilities, so there's no reason they need to run out of story types and become boring.
Fine for folks who like that sort of thing, but for me, the more the focus is on combat, the more completely tedious I find it. There was this Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode where maybe half the installment was basically Saving Private Ryan's Clone, one big extended fog-of-war scene for a whole act or two, and I just had no interest in it whatsoever. I can get into action if it's something like martial arts, or if there's some interesting strategy and tactics behind it, but if it's just people (or ships) shooting guns at each other, it's a yawnfest for me. I generally prefer the SW:TCW episodes that aren't about the shooting part and are more about the worldbuilding, the characters, the politics, etc. (Well, sometimes. There was this one 2-parter about politics and corruption on Mandalore that was a complete waste of time.) I guess whether DeKnight's show interests me would depend on how much it focused on the aspects other than combat.

My main concern is the budget - either it looks cheap or the limited audience can't justify the budget, the classic conundrum.
Well, sticking with a single setting for an entire season would help save money, because you could reuse sets, costumes, props, FX elements, etc. throughout the season. Although hopefully there wouldn't be too much reuse. I'd hope that if they spend an entire season on a planet, they'd take the time to make it a planet, a vast setting with a wealth of different environments and different cultures if there's indigenous sapient life, rather than the usual episodic sci-fi approach where entire planets can have less diversity than a single major city on Earth.
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