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Re: officers are called 'sir'

Referring to a female officer as "sir," is (iirc) the current practice in the United States Coast Guard.

I very commonly refer to people as sir (or ma'am), it's how I was raised. I use it just about daily with my male friends. Saying something like "Sir, you are wrong," just rolls off the tongue.

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it is a stupid word from aristocratic times and deserves to die out.
It is even more widely used in Latin America countries, not referring to someone (especially if they are older) as Seņor or Seņora is very disrespectful.

I would never call anybody Sir by the way
Using terms like sir shows that you are bem cultivado (well cultured).

Strange that you guys in the US who got rid off monarchies earlier than European on average cherish such non-egalitarian language.
One of the reasons America separated from Britain was that we didn't feel that we were being treated with respect by Britain, why would we dispense with important societal practice like sir?

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Claiming that something cannot be said in Trek because it runs counter to military tradition is just plain crazy.
Like it or not, Starfleet is the armed forces of the Federation, they possess a military hierarchy, and military customs and courtesies.

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