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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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And by "Real," you mean the other fake one.
I mean the one that continues as normal and wasn't created by a freak incident in the future/past. Some may refer to it as the Prime Universe, for me I prefer to see it as the Real one.

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But here's the thing: They're not together. That's not how things started out in the alternate universe, and Kirk and Spock probably wouldn't have ever bothered with each other had it not been for Prime Spock. Who is together starting out in the alternate reality? Kirk and Bones are best friends, and I doubt anything will change that.
The trio is a far more important relationship to the franchise that needs to be nutured and developed, seeing how three men of different backgrounds come together to form a friendship that would last for decades to come. More screen time needs to be given to matter such as that rather than a love story (or if they do want to go that root, then they should really shake things up and have Kirk and Spock finally get together).

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And, Spock and Uhura are in love. I believe they could go through hell and back and still come out as a pair.
That remains to be seen. I give them another film, two at the very very most before it all comes crashing down.

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The scenario you brought up for Uhura would never happen, at least not canonically, so I won't address it.
Well the Alternate Universe has given us a new relationship, her "new" linguistics skills, not to mention altering baseline facts from the Real one (for example Chekov's age), so anything is possible with a massive reboot. I'm just saying is all.

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Oh, wow, another thing I won't address because they're not teenagers, or hormonal or petty (from what I can tell), and again, there's nothing for a "skirt" to split up. Calling Uhura a "skirt" is fairly disrespectful, I might add.
Well they're the next best thing to it. As for Uhura, she does wear a skirt does she not? They could have introduced/used and female character for the same result (Chapel, Rand, Helen Noel, Carol Marcus, etc).

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Why does it have to be a "seduction?" They could have just slowly fallen in love over the years. It could have started out harmless and then became something more.
Seduction aside, it is highly inappropriate for such a relationship. Even more so now they are on the same ship.

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Their relationship had nothing to do with her posting. She earned it, and that's all she pointed out. Being logical, Spock had to agree.
Spock wasn't giving out the ship postings. But rather than take it up with the officer who was doping so, she goes right to her lover and has a hissy fit until she gets her way (there is a further comment I'd like to make here, but some may find it offensive so I'll hold my tongue).

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I think they did touch fingertips, but it wasn't embarrassing because of the high emotion of the moment.
That's not a scene I remember from the film, but will keep an eye out for such a display next time I watch it.

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Vulcans can and do feel.
I am aware of that, Vulcans have emotions but they choose to suppress them and follow a path of logic. Yes they will occassionally encounter an event that will be too much for them to handle and emotions will break through, but even when with a mate they show great reserve and control.

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But that's not all they could think of. They also thought of making her a xenolinguistics specialist, and I imagine that will come into play with this next film.
Which was never expressed in TOS, but as I previously stated, is an easy assumption to make. Just because something is not stated, doesn't make it impossible to believe that it is so in Trek (which is why, until stated otherwise on screen, I will always believe that Andorians have four genders), such as comm officers being language experts.

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And when it comes to this Spock? Chapel who???
Chapel could whoop Nu-Uhura's ass, and sweep Spock off his feet. Between Zoe Saldana and Majel Barrett, I know who I'd go for (if I swung that way that is).
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