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Re: Lying on a resume?

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I have heard of people lying about getting degrees and holding certifications. I understand there are even companies who will provide fake references for you.
Why does this not surprise me? One can buy everything from a high school book report to a doctoral dissertation, so why not a reference?

So sad.
This reminds me. One also needs to...ensure they actually graduated. I know it doesn't make sense. But when I was a Junior in college back when I was working on my biology degree, an older student joined the program. He was late in his 20s or maybe early 30s.

Apparently, he was in the program some years before and apparently he left thinking he had graduated. He actually marched in the graduation robe and all...

After a couple of years doing odd jobs, he finally got an interview for a job that actually required a BA/BS in Biology. All was going well and it looked like they were going to hire him. But when the employer checked with his transcripts and the university, it turned out he didn't graduate and did not earn a degree. He was very dumbfounded when they told him that they couldn't hire him because he didn't have a degree.

It turned out he had to take a couple of courses. While universities do sometimes give graduates those diploma things without the actual diploma due to paperwork, waiting for a signature or whatever, he had to have gotten permission from the registar. Plus I don't know how he didn't notice how the diploma didn't arrive (I got my first diploma four months after my official graduation date). I have no idea how this happened to this guy. He was nice and does know his stuff when it comes to biology.

Also, a lot of people undersell themselves. They may forgot a couple of things they did in an earlier job that did not fall under their job description or when they told the employer about their experiences.
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