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Re: Hypothetical precedent for Klingons to join UFP by 26th Century?

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The Klingons, when Trek was started, were supposed to represent the Commies, the Reds, you know, the "evil empire".
I always saw them as more the Mongol Horde. Started small, just kept growing and spreading, until they came up against the Europeans (the Federation) and they couldn't expand that way, so they continued to conqueror in other directions.

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the Empire with hundreds of star systems
Well, most of those star systems are probably conquered worlds.
While they never came right out and said it, I would agree.

If the Federation was ever to let them in, the Klingons would have to relinquish all those worlds
It would depend on how badly the Federation needed to incorporate with the Empire. If it's the Empire that needed the Federation, then the conquests get released. If the Federation were the one needing the Empire, then the Klingons keep the conquests, and represents them on the Council.

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^ Unless by that time, the 'conquered' systems have evolved their own forms of government and no longer consider themselves conquered.
Or if the conquests were far enough in the past, the conquered worlds might self-identify as being Klingons themselves, maybe second or third class citizens, but still Klingons.

The English invaded and conquered the Welch, now they're both "The UK."

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