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Re: nit picky Spock picky

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yah it was off-putting.

I mean canonically (sp) Elves don't have ANY hair other than on their heads...makes for good females

oh wait....that's right...Vulcan's aren't elves and it was NEVER said they had no body/facial hair.

plus look at the spock pic from ToS posted.

I don't mean this as a personal offense but..stupid nitpick is stupid.
glad to see the nutrek fans aren't any less overly defensive than the old trek fans!
Well, I'm not sure where you get "overly defensive" from that post, but please, let's avoid making a leap from reference to one comment or opinion as a "stupid nitpick" to broad-brush swipe at a whole group of fans, shall we? That just goes nowhere useful.
Yes Mr Homm- keep your mild opinions to yourself!

40 Years and ticking. Damn, that's too old fashioned.
40 years and still processing!
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