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Re: Lying on a resume?

RevDMV wrote: View Post
Some of the placement consulting firms are just plain scummy.

I'm late to this party, and it's been said pretty much already, but I'll toss this in from my angle.

I've been in the software development business in different positions for almost 30 years now. Early on a joke was made that someone's resume should have been submitted for a Hugo.

Especially now with the ease and ubiquitous background checking I would follow the following:

NEVER, lie, fib exaggerated about a class, training, certification or degree. IF you didn't earn or take it. Don't put it down. You'll be found, and the consequences are quick and long term.

If you're working on a certificate or degree, put down the expected completion date. Honestly, software is the one business you can get away with experiences and self training. Outside of the bigger shops, like MS and Google, who are trending to only folks from major uni's anyway. (I don't have a BS, left to pursue a start up)

As far as technical experience, programming languages, databases, etc. My take is, if you think you know enough to defend your knowledge in an interview go for it. Again, don't lie about a project, "I've worked on it at home on my own" has never been a problem with me. Again software is different that way, as a hiring manager, I only care that you have the skill.

This is all consistent with my experiences, too.

I have heard of people lying about getting degrees and holding certifications. I understand there are even companies who will provide fake references for you.
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