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Logical quick endings to episodes.

It seems that in some episodes they had to manipulate the characters sense of reason and logic to make the episode more exciting....

In 'Changling', at some point they realize it not an organism, that it has immense power and that it wants to sterilize all 'non-perfect' life forms, including earth.
Their one advantage is that it thinks Kirk is its creator.

But they fumble around till Kirk spills the beans and endangers Enterprise/Earth.

It seems as soon as they found out its power/threat, Kirk could simply have said, "Nomad you're doing a great job, i am impressed. It's time for you to continue your mission!"

Then when they transport Nomad--instead of transporting it into space intact, as they would imply to Nomad--just beam it at 'maximun dispersal' destroying it.

Are there other episodes like this, where a really quick solution was available?

Also in "Whom Gods destroy" when Spock confronts the two 'Kirks'--it would have so cool to have 'Garth/Kirk' say, "Shoot him, he's the imposter!" and 'Kirk/Kirk' say, "Shoot us both the imposter will revert."
Spock blasts Garth/Kirk and he reverts.

It would have avoided another cheesy Shatner vs. a poor looking stunt double of himself and enhanced both Kirk and Spock's intelligence/team-work in the audience's mind.

I was bored with Kirk vs. Kirk by the time of 'Enemy Within', let alone season 3.

Was having the fight better than a more abrupt ending?
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