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librarytrekker78 wrote: View Post

I've got to say that your version of the Botany Bay is absolutely frakin' AWESOME!!! Also, your versions of the Romulan Warbird/Bird-of-Prey and Constellation are pretty cool too!

Starship wrote: View Post
The revisited Botany Bay looks brilliant Rick!

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
Thanks Madman! As always your work lives up to a high standard!

Forbin wrote: View Post
If somebody made a kit, I'd definitely buy it and build it.
It's not something I can manage myself, though - I really don't scratch-build, I just build kits or bash parts together.
One day, 3D printers will be cheap enough to where I can print these things out. Then I can get you to paint it for me.

Klaus wrote: View Post
Are those escape/landing pods behind the command module?
Indeed they are. Loosely based on the Dragon capsule. In my head I was thinking that they are about twice the size of Dragon.

B.J. wrote: View Post

Sorry, first thing that popped into my head when I saw the thread title!

I agree that the BB looks amazing. I kinda miss the conning tower look, but it's at least acknowledged with your antenna farm. The only two things that bug me are the windows and the engine fairings. The windows seem a bit big, and it's visually scaling down the whole thing for me. And the fairings look way too clean compared to the rest of the ship, since there's not even any panel lines. But overall, if you're happy with it, I wouldn't change it!

The windows do look kind of big, but that whole area is about the size of the bridge windows on the new Enterprise... there's a good sized command deck in there. The window is probably about 3-4 feet tall?

My dirty texture didn't come out well on the engine fairings, but they do have a dirty painted thing going on. I may add panel lines later. I was trying to make each module look like it had been made by a different contractor.

Glad you guys like it. I have to do another one with Enterprise in it, next!

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