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Re: nit picky Spock picky

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I didn't mean to annoy anyone, but that one scene in particular, where Spock is in front of the council just seemed like a very important moment in his life/career. He is typically a guy who shaves, right? I'm not a guy so I don't know all the ins and outs of facial hair etiquette, but in that moment the facial hair distracted me. Please! I meant no harm!!

And by the way, who said anything about elves?
It wasn't that he hadn't shaved. He's just one of those guys who has a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. It's more visible in some lighting (especially florescent, at least in my case) than others. IDK, maybe they use make-up to hide it in some other scenes, or the lighting on the bridge doesnt show it so much.
Yea, lighter skin tone and dark, thick facial hair, you can shave it down "baby's bottom" smooth, and it still appears to be a 5 O'Clock shadow, because the hair is so dark and thick in contrast to the facial skin tone.

Sure, there's a look, some guys like to sport, that is a deliberate constant 5 O'Clock shadow, where they don't shave all the way down, but, I don't think that's the case with NuSpock
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