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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Christopher, this set will be ear opening for you in regards to library music for Trek.

ACE, I know about that YouTube clip. No bumper material was found on our tapes. I suspect they were recorded at different sessions, and not the episode scoring sessions.

And my quote about season three music (which gets misinterpreted all the time) was "no original season 3 music beyond the main title has ever been released". It's true, we've had re-recordings but never the actual recordings used in the show.

Andy H, we don't duplicate episodes that had tracked scores (episodes that didn't have original scores written and thus used previously composed music). If you're hearing music multiple times in shows, chances are it's a tracked episode. We'll have the music on our set, but it will only be heard in the episode for which it was written and as intended by the composer.

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