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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

Leaving Geatano in ememy territory alone with no knowledge of the terrain, in a foggy area with hostile creatures who are proven killers is a good decision on Spock's part?

When Spock orders Geatano to stay behind Geatano and Boma look at each other like "I'm/you're dead." and so he was.

It was the writer's fault, but Spock makes a lot of dumb decisions in the episode.

When the crew complains about Spock not being inspiring--they're not talking about a long-winded "don't fire until you see..../give me liberty or give me death" speeches.

They mean the simple things that Kirk and most commanders do to inspire confidence in a tough situations--gestures, actions, looks, small encouragements.

Not lecturing people who have seen their comrades die and are in iminetent dangerabout "their duties to other life forms"
If his duty to the natives is a component of his decisions--he doesn't need to broadcast it.
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