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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

I found this to be pretty average viewing, so I was surprised when I saw all the high scores and praise. Maybe it's because I'm not into the comics, I don't know. I have to admit though that I'm waming up to this movie a little as it settles in. It felt a lot like Die Hard. I saw a Saturday matinée in 2D and there were about a dozen people in the theatre. I figured it might not do well, but 6.3 million and being beaten out by Resident Evil in its second week is worse than I expected.

Here are some positives...

- Karl Urban is definately not who I would have expected as the rough and tough Judge Dredd, but I found myself buying into his portrayal as the movie progressed. The voice and stiff frown seemed a little forced, but his whole badass cop rountine was pretty well done.

- I like that Dredd had his helmet on the whole time. I read that the character does this and that we rarely see him with his helmet off and even then, don't get a good look at his face. A big name would have wanted face time, so kudos to Urban for being willing and able to immerse himself into the character. I heard that Schwarzenegger dropped out of the 1995 movie because of the helmet issue.

- I don't know anything about Judge Anderson's comic book counterpart, but based on what little I've seen in a Google search, it looks like we've got another "Jessica Alba as Sue Storm" scenario with Olivia Thirlby. I'm a fan of hers though and I liked her in the part. It was great seeing her in a big budget scifi movie. It also looks like her comic book character is quite sexualized with revealing uniforms and titilating poses & still shots. I guess they found a way to work some of that that into the movie with the psychic visions. Unfortunately, I didn't know it was her during the first nude shot.

- Lena Heady was great and appropriately grungy and offputting.

- The city looked great with its mix of FX and real environments. I wish I could compare this to the 1995 movie, but I don't remember enough about it to do so.
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