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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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But here's the thing: They're not together. That's not how things started out in the alternate universe, and Kirk and Spock probably wouldn't have ever bothered with each other had it not been for Prime Spock.

With all this talk about whatever the S/U relationship had background or was or not was believable I'm wondering where is this oh so believable, realistic and well written development for the core relationship of the story: Kirk/Spock.
That is, ultimately, the relationship I was, surprisingly (since their friendship is what I loved in TOS and what I expected to love in ST09 too.. like a given), less interested with by the end of the movie. Why? Because their plot was absolutely contrived to me.
Spock and Uhura/Kirk and McCoy do knew each other since years, whatever the nature of those relationships was (one romantic and one platonic friendship) they seemed more believable to me than two alpha males characters who despised each other for 95% of the movie but suddenly decided to be friends just because the future version of one of the characters came from another reality and said that they were friends in another time and place under totally different circustances.
Kirk and Spock went from absolutely hating each other to suddenly becoming friends.Their friendship is totally taken for granted without any actual believable development in that direction from the writers' part. They simply assume that you will like it and find their story believable just because it's Kirk/Spock and people already like them from TOS. But the thing is: this is not TOS. It's alternative reality, it's the story from the start whatever happened in TOS it doesn't count here, it didn't happen to these characters. You have to make them friends not just tell them that they have to be friends. And the writers made them enemies for the most part of the movie they can't expect me to believe that Spock, all logic and facts, has to believe that "it's destiny" and he can suddenly like this guy who had insulted him and humiliated him in front of the whole crew just to take his place as the captain of the ship.
All their issues magically vanished.

It's like the fact that Kirk got promoted as the captain in the end regardless if it made sense for starfleet or not.
Neither Kirk or Spock were perfect but for what I know, Spock saved earth (did they forget that he almost died doing so?) and he was second in command when Kirk was still a cadet who got aboard the Enterprise just because his friend MCCoy helped him. Kirk's supposed intuitions were the result of: 1) accidentally hearing what Uhura had discovered 2) Spock prime essentially telling him what he had to do.
Not to mention that vulcan got destroyed and the acting captain, Spock, was emotionally compromised (who wasn't on that ship?)
He earned his place, to some degree, but how much of that was just luck? Has Kirk actually proved to be more qualified than the others? I think he didn't even get the time.
Was it fair that he got all the credit?
I don't think so but it's fiction and sometimes it works like that. If one is too picky nothing about this movie was truly well developed and believable.
If one is picky, there are many things about Spock's character in the movie that could be considered OOC and they have nothing to do with Uhura or his scenes with her. They're accepted because they're convenient, because people wanted him to end up where he was in TOS not matter how it happened and if that was in character.

Who is together starting out in the alternate reality? Kirk and Bones are best friends, and I doubt anything will change that. And, Spock and Uhura are in love. I believe they could go through hell and back and still come out as a pair.
no, Kirk and Spock will magically forget about these people because it's destinyyy, they have to be friends and they can't have other relationships or, god forbid, care about other people more.
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