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Re: There's no one like Kubrick

^ You can see the punch card on the Blu-Ray.

What you can also see, is the screen that the outdoor scenes are projected on, during the Dawn of Man sequence. As we all know, those scenes were not actually SHOT outdoors - they were in a studio, with the 'sky' being a projection on film. It's only on the Blu-Ray where you can actually SEE the screen.

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And when you see the way it ends, you tend to wonder if the team survived that ear-solitting moment because they're never seen again. Floyd is heard again after HAL is deactivated, and his name is seen in teeny-tiny type. It might be too small to notice on DVD though.
If you're suggesting that the ear-shattering sound killed all those astronauts, I don't think so. They would have had plenty of time to make it back to their moon rover craft.

And Dr. Floyd appears in the novel 2061, so at least Clarke suggested that he survived. As for Floyd's prerecorded message at the end of 2001? If you believe Floyd in 2010 where he said he never authorized anyone to tell HAL about the monolith...that message was apparently FAKED.
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