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Re: Kate Mulgrew's decision to not have a romance

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You're right, we saw all that in the series. I've just been a bit gobsmacked at the scenes with some minor character sighing over her 3 year old she won't see in years, or whatever in Treklit. There probably is big daddy issues in Treklit as well but I cannot stand reading that stuff.. a lot of Treklit reads like it was written by someone who never had any ties like this but watched a whole lot of daytime television.

Starfleet is so full of itself it's just a given that you will abandon your family for it.

When they rejigged Julian into superman it bleached him.
I totally agree, NG with Enterprise being a family ship made sense. Think of it this way, wagon trains west had wives and children on them, isolated army forts in the west had wives and children in them. Core families don't traditionally separate when it involves time consuming distances, they go together.

But of course if you think your demographic is young males, you distort reality. Years and years ago I had one male member of the old Decipher board tell me that he disliked Voyager because it tried to be about family. I couldn't think of one single television show that wasn't about family or friends with family like connections.

I agree about Trek Lit too, after reading the Destiny books I do have one request, that Mack never try to write pregnancy again, he is not good at it.

I've heard various gripes about Voyager staying too clean, always being repaired to perfectly to be realistic. What I think is also the lack of children is unreality too. After seven years there were have been lots of children aboard.
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