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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

It would be a bit odd to leave a major warfighting technique go so completely uncommented, though. A minor (if destructive or otherwise immensely important) technique, yeah - I could almost believe in that Diane Carey novel where the Dominion is trying to build a wormhole of its own during the war, and Picard puts a stop to it, and there's no time or resources for a second attempt. That would be like forgetting to mention the V-weapons in a WWII epic. But these cloaked missile strikes are more comparable to such a movie forgetting to mention that air forces existed...

Certainly the Dominion War reinforces the idea that cloaks are great for infiltration and obfuscation but nearly useless in hot combat - something we strongly want to believe in the first place, because we want to see the fights. But the cloaked missile concept combines infiltration with destruction, and is a fairly obvious and intuitive idea overall, with close analogies in the real world. They really let the cat out of the bag by explicitly describing a sufficiently lethal warhead in "Dreadnought" and the concept of cloaked saturation attacks in "Blaze of Glory" - not as experimental technologies, but as the regular weapons of rather low-grade enemies.

Timo Saloniemi
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