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Re: Anyone Find Generations "Saucer crash" to be poorly done?

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1) Space is three dimensional. The ONLY way the explosion of the drive section could knock the saucer into the planet's atmosphere is if it was positioned between the drive and the planet. The drive section was parallel to the planet when they started the evacuation. So basically Troi had to specifically turn the ship TOWARD the planet. That's not just a "nudge" in the wrong direction.
Not really. She would have tried to get the saucer out away from everything as quickly as possible, but once the explosion happened, the saucer could have been caught in the planet's gravity. It's not like the planet doesn't pull on you if you are in orbit...

2) Yes, really. Those windows are expected to survive weapon blasts, crashes and other such trauma in space. Then they break when there's a crash scene? There's no reason for that but lack of continuity and that someone on the set thought it would be "cool."
Maybe, but bear in mind that the hull of the saucer was taking the weight of the entire saucer. I don't think there's any part where the saucer had needed to take stresses like that before. And metal will shatter if you stress it the right way.

3) Yes, the did have to evacuate the crew. That's not what I was talking about. I was talking about the civilians. There were tons of them being moved in that scene, especially that little dramatic scene of the girl dropping her bear. The whole point of a separable ship is to keep the civilians safe in crisis situations. That means they should all be in the saucer. But evacuating the crew wouldn't be "dramatic" so yeah.
Well, they might have been in a classroom in the neck or something...
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