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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Also, nothing from the 3rd year, such as Elan of Troyus (sp?) and The Enterprise Incident, have not been released.
Not the original recordings, no, but the re-recordings from Varese Sarabande included "The Empath" and the Label X ones included suite arrangements of the scores to "The Paradise Syndrome," "Is There in Truth No Beauty?," and "Spectre of the Gun" (i.e. various cues from the episode blended into a single continuous piece, sometimes with slight changes to smooth the transitions).

Also, some of those 7 albums mentioned above, only 3 were original recordings, the other 4 were composer-conducted rerecordings done after the fact.
Of course, but I was only using them to give a sense of the amount of Trek music that had been released so far and how much more has yet to be released. It's a damn sight more than "2 CDs" worth.

Also, only the Sarabande ones were conducted by a TOS composer, Fred Steiner. The two Label X albums were conducted by Tony Bremner, and the suite arrangements were mostly done by Clyde Allen and/or Bremner, though they did get George Duning to do the arrangement for his own score to "Truth No Beauty?"

Oh, also it's worth pointing out Alexander Courage's "The Menagerie: Suite," a seven-and-a-half-minute suite arrangement of music from "The Cage," which appeared on the 1990 Cincinnati Pops album Time Warp (also available on iTunes and a lot of other places).

You'll get each cue only once, regardless of whether is was repeated several times, tracked from the original episode score, or library music that was written with no particular scene in mind.
I don't remember there being any library music to speak of in TOS... except maybe one time. There was a third-season episode, I forget which one now, that had no original score of its own but closed with a Couragey-sounding cue that was never used in any prior episode. Other than that, just about every recycled TOS music cue has an identifiable source in one of those 33 original scores.
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