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Re: 7X04 The Power Of Three (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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So looks they swapped the running order of the last two episodes around, as we see Rory losing his phone charger in Henry VIII's bedroom this week after it being referred to it last week. (It also explains why there was no "Picking up the Ponds" scene in that episode.)
There's also the theory floating out there that "A Town Called Mercy" happens during the wedding anniversary party in this episode.
I like this theory even more and it probably fits better, too.

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And don't forget kids, when Moffat does move on Chibnall's almost certainly going to get his job...
You don't know that, in fact not so long ago you were saying Whithouse was a shoe-in to get the job. He's written eps in every Moffat series after all? Chibnell hasn't.

I'm not sure I want either of them, but frankly Chibnell has written two enjoyable episodes this year, so if he did get the job I'd at least give him a chance.
I'm not sure I want either of them, but oddly enough, if I had to choose one, it would be Chibnall. I know I sound like a broken record about this (and who thought I would be such a Chibnall defender?), but he has written great stuff for Life on Mars, Law & Order: UK and even Torchwood. I think he's well-rounded enough to take over Doctor Who if he's offered the part.

That being said, I think I would much rather have someone from outside the house of production to take over from Moffat. Just to change things up a bit.
Well I’ve never watched Being Human so my appreciation of Whithouse as a writer is based solely on his Who episodes, which, on the whole, have been very good/Excellent (School Reunion, The God Complex) good (Vampires of Venice) and average (A Town called Mercy)…actually I didn’t realise he wrote a Torchwood s1 episode, and not a great one (titillation aside).

Chibnall obviously bears a lot of responsibility for the crime that is Torchwood series 1, and a fair few of his episodes were shite (Though in fairness I’ve only ever seen them once) in particular Cyberwoman…that said I actually liked Countyricide (or at least admired it for being a little different) and the s2 episode with the people lost in the rift was really moving, a highpoint of the series pre-Children of Earth. Plus S1 of torchwood was patently not worked on enough/needed polish. Obviously he wrote a couple of episodes of Life on Mars, and as far as I recall they were good. His Who output has been variable. 42 was dull, as was the Siluruian 2 parter, but I’ve liked both his episodes this year. I’ve never seen Law and Order London or Camelot.

If it was a toss-up I’m really not sure. I think Chibnall obviously has more experience production wise, but I have a sneaking suspicion Whithouse has more vision, which I think the showrunner needs. Whatever you think of Moffat and/or RTD, they had a clear idea what their version of the show should look/feel like. Chibnall I have a feeling would be a very workmanlike show runner (and I have nothing to base that on aside from the episodes I seen them both right).

Of course it could be someone else entirely. Could be Gatiss for all we know or could be a complete outsider (which may/may not be a good thing) and I guess whoever it is, if they surround themselves with good people it might not actually matter that much.

Hell for all we know the BBC might decide to rest the show for a while after Moffat!

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Aren't they being a bit too complicated about why the Doctor feels so attached to Amy because she was the first one he saw after regenerating? Never mind the Doctor has never been too attached to people just because they were the first he met as a particular incarnation, would the far simpler explanation that he's her son-in-law wor much better?
But he was attached to her before he even know who she was. I think the other thing to remember about Amy is that he first met her when she was a child, that’s (as far as we know) a bit of a first, and is probably a better explanation for why he’s so fond of her.

And of course Rose may/may not be the first person the ninth Doctor met. We don’t know.

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Also on the music front, I noticed in the scenes set in December there was a Christmas song playing that was also heard in The Runaway Bride and Turn Left. Is this an actual song, or just something recorded for specifically for the
I'm astonished at how many posters in this thread don't know the song. Must be getting old.
I’d accept Americans not knowing this, but anyone in the UK, Ireland and maybe a few other places who claim never to have heard this song are patently alien infiltrators and should be arrested immediately…
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