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Re: Can the Navigational Deflector be used as a weapon?

...Or then deflectors, phasers and tractor beams are one and the same thing - just tuned a bit differently for different effects.

Say, a phaser is poor at pushing and pulling, but can punch rather sharply. A deflector operates much the same way, but is a wrestler rather than a boxer. And a tractor beam does Judo rather than Greco-Roman wrestling.

As for the use of deflectors as a dedicated weapon, perhaps the appearance of multiple deflectors on one-piece ships indicates the very thing? I refer to the Intrepid class and its various kitbash variants - one of which actually has two big main deflectors side by side. Remember how our heroes failed to hurt the Borg with a single deflector because they couldn't surprise the Borg with rapid enough "spectral sweeping" of its destructive effect? Why, just install two deflectors and tune one while the other is punching! It would be a like a series of sucker punches instead of one slow swing the opponent sees coming...

With fighting power like that, I think the ship in question can be allowed to be a tad ugly.

Timo Saloniemi
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