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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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JJ's face is making me queasy.
Oh, come on. He's cute.
Afraid I'll have to disagree on that point. He's not hideous, but hardly cute. A very average looking man I'd say.

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Why would that be? Could it be because then she might not break up "the big three" or something of that nature, or is there another reason?
Doubtful. In the Real Universe they've gone through hell together and always come out the other side as a trio. I doubt a single woman could split them up, unless they turn her into a bit of a tramp, vying for the affections of all three, but that would destroy the elegance and beauty of the character that Ms Nichols originally brought to life.

Granted it is an alternate universe, so maybe they will just become a petty, bickering bunch of hormonal teenagers, who can be be split apart by a skirt.

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I don't see what makes Spock a poor choice compared to Scotty or Sulu. And as far as the 2009 movie goes, she (Zoe) didn't and I think wouldn't have had the kind of chemistry with Pegg or Cho that she had with Quinto.
It's a relationship that has no background to it. They just threw it onscreen and was kind of like 'where did that come from?' Seeing as she had little/no screen time with Scotty or Sulu its hard to judge on how they would get along. Personally I never saw much chemistry between Spock and Uhura.

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Their story together makes the most sense, but I'd still like your feedback. I'm interested to know why you think she'd be better with other people.
Their backstory? Where he was a professor and she a student who seduced/was seduced by him? Only then to throw a hissy fit and use her highly unprofessional relationship to her advantage to get a better posting? That's very appropriate.

One of the biggest niggles for me with the Spock/Uhura thing is that it makes him too emotional. Spock's two halves fought against one another, as he tried to follow the Vulcan lifestyle of logic and detachment (which on the whole he did in TOS). But here we see him having a few tender moments with a subordinate, as well as kissing her on the transporter platform, when the standard Vulcan sign of intimacy is a couple touching fingertips--surely she would know this and not want to overly embarrass him in front of the Acting Captain.

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Right, and that was my point. You can easily assume that she would have been a linguist based off of what you did see
It is a logical assumption to make.

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so why would it be so hard to also easily assume that Spock and Uhura could have been a couple if circumstances were different based off of what you did see?
They could have been a couple if circumstances had been different, then again so could her and Kirk (if she hadn't been quite as stuck up in the bar), or her and anyone else.

My underlying problem is that, while they are trying to flesh out characters who weren't developed or used as much as they could have been in TOS and the original movies, all they could think of for her was to make a love interest? Nurse Chapel is going to be seriously pissed!
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