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Re: K. Beyer's Comment in The Eternal Tide's Acknowledgments

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the "I brought her back because I was told to" theory
Way back when Kirsten took over the Relaunch, IIRC, she mentioned that she really wanted to write for Janeway. That, to me, suggested that Janeway wouldn't stay dead forever. The Bring Back Janeway crowd never seemed to pick up on this tidbit, maybe because it took away their opportunity to keep complaining.
Seriously Therin do you see me complaining now that she's back? And believe me it was picked up on and discussed. There are more Trek realms than this BBS. People were very keen to have her write Janeway, especially after the disastrous BD writing. She's a good writer and she likes the character. Much of the discussion was about how much input authors have to such big decisions which is not something that can really be quantified as every book and situation is, I'd imagine, different.

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