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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished up Declassified and What Judgments Come and about a third of the way through Storming Heaven. Enjoying this trip back to ST fiction after taking some time off.

Also started Kraken by China Mieville. I keep telling people I think he's awesome then remind myself I've only read 2 of his books, The City & the City and Perdido Street Station. Thought it was time I read some more. Only around 50 pages into it but it's been more "fun" then the others. I don't know yet if the fun translates to something as powerful yet.

After that I bumped up Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation to the top of my list. I gave my copy of The Androids Dream to a friend who loved it so I'll pass on Fuzzy Nation as a way of clearing off my shelf. I like Scalzi fine but his characters sometimes all have that same sounding sarcastic sense of humor. I sometimes wonder if what I think of his internet personality and readings outpace my enjoyment of his actual books. And I wasn't lying in bed waiting for a reboot of Fuzzy People so I'll see how it goes. I only bought it because he was in town for a reading.

We're about the remodel and are doing some cleaning up. I took a serious look at my unread shelf self, who am I kidding, it's shelves, and put some books in donation or pass on bags that I know I'm never going to get to or if I ever did years from now I could always get it again. It's liberating.
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