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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

As for her gun, my first impression was she didn't dare fight him for it in the elevator due to the fail safe charge in the grip taking her head off with his hand. That said, I was certain she was going to psi burst his intentions and wheelkick his ass, but I guess she can't be perfect.

As for 2D showings, I had to drive 30 minutes to find a theatre that wasn't showing it in 3D, and it only had 2 shows a day in 2D, but six in 3D. Me and six guys were the only ones in that showing. WTF? I don't care how good you think your 3D is, why shoot yourself in the foot by advertising both 2 and 3D and then making it such a pain in the ass to see the 2D?

I get you think the higher ticket price will draw in more money from fewer people, but guess what, it doesn't and it didn't. When I used to work at the theatre, people that came to see one movie, but missed it and went to another that was playing or who just showed up to see something during the matinee very rarely opted to go the 3D version of anything on the fly. And most people, when given the choice, opted for the 2D version, when they came with the intention of seeing the film, anyway.

Price for 3D = half again as much as the 2D price, which is already exorbitant.

3D glasses = SUCK. Usually a dirty, germy mess.

3D itself = way overrated and gives everyone in my family either eye-strain, headaches or nausea. (I admit some of the scenes in this flick would have been interesting to see 3D, and not everyone gets physical discomfort from 3D)

(Tangential, but IMAX is friggin DOUBLE regular ticket price, which I learned the hard way when I went to see Raiders recently. It does look and sound awesome, though.)

I really hope this gets sequels, and I intend to see it again, but I'll live with my copy on DVD, if I have to.
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