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Re: Imagining Lord of the Rings set in the Star Trek Universe

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First, explain how, other than in the most superficial ways, do LOTR Elves resemble ST Vulcans. How can Leolas's character be "played" by a Vulcan?

Second. what with the obsession in recasting various SF/F series with Star Trek characters? What next, Dune told with Star Trek characters? We can make all the Mentats into Vulcans!!!! Cuz they're smart and stuff!!!
Elves in their world are a magical race. In Star Trek science is magic and Vulcans are a scientific race, they believe in science, and in the Star Trek movie they are the ones responsible for the red matter, and much like the elves in Lord of the Rings, the Vulcans are also looking for a new home. In many ways Star Trek resembles Middle Earth except with science replacing the magic.
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