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Re: TWOK What If--Khan wins

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Not much of plan beyond vengeance against one man really... the Genesis Device can only be used once. Then he's still facing overwhelming forces intent on hunting him down.
Khan's a super smart guy with an entire community of super smart followers. I'm sure he'd find a way to reverse engineer the Genesis device and manufacture super weapons from it.

I've wondered whether that was his intention all along. After all, it's a foregone conclusion that he was aware of the destructive potential of the device and the position of power such a device would put him in.

Why waste a colossal bargaining chip on one planet, when you can have many?

Although just the Reliant, wouldn't be enough to protect him from the rest of Starfleet once that's done. He'd need allies.
Plenty of other genetically engineered species in the galaxy. That, and along with the power of Genesis as a motivator, he'd have a lot of allies in no time at all.
Even assuming Khan and his followers could figure out HOW to reverse engineer the Genesis device, that doesn't necessarily mean they have the resources to make more. (I highly doubt a supply of protomatter is standard issue on starships!)

In the mean time, Starfleet's obviously going to get concerned if they lose contact with TWO of their ships, and probably send another ship or two to go look for them. Maybe Khan gets lucky and catches them by surprise like he did with the Enterprise. Starfleet will just send yet another ship or two, who are going to be a lot more careful. They probably investigate the Regula 1 station, and maybe to Ceti Alpha V (Reliant's last known location), where they find the crew who tell them what happened. Either way, it's not going to take long for Starfleet to figure out Reliant's a rogue ship.

Now with all this fighting, Reliant's probably sustained quite a bit of damage. Even assuming they figure out how to fix the warp drive, it's not like they can go to a starbase for repairs. Maybe they can search the ship's database for a neutral port, but if word gets out that some band of rogues has stolen a Starfleet ship, it might attract the attention of certain parties like the Klingons or Romulans who might see this as a golden opportunity to capture an enemy vessel. (Even MORE so if they learn about the Genesis device!)

And yes, everyone Earth dies when the whale probe tears up the planet.
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