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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I believe I read that there was about 17.5 hours of material, and that a significant percentage of that was never even used in the series (library cues).

Also, nothing from the 3rd year, such as Elan of Troyus (sp?) and The Enterprise Incident, have not been released.

Also, some of those 7 albums mentioned above, only 3 were original recordings, the other 4 were composer-conducted rerecordings done after the fact.

Trust me when I say this, Andy H, you will not get the same cues presented endlessly to recreate the full scores as heard in the episodes.

You'll get each cue only once, regardless of whether is was repeated several times, tracked from the original episode score, or library music that was written with no particular scene in mind.
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