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Re: Fringe - Season 5 discussion

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I'm hoping that at some point we get word of the final fate of the Red universe. Did the observers end up there as well? If not then why not?
I would like to hear something about this as well. When they closed the bridge at the end of season 4 I was sad to hear that we would no longer see any of the redverse characters.

I think with the Observers, you have to wonder if they can travel between realities (which, given their evident scientific and technological superiority, seems plausible). If that is the case, then there is a strong chance that they could have ended up in the redverse as well (and perhaps other universes).

But here's the thing there: Why would they go to another reality when they already have ours? If they have an excess of Observers, sure, but otherwise I don't know if they would. For exploratory purposes perhaps, but nothing more.
Well we know that the Red Universe had observers since we saw them there. The question is whether or not they were native to that universe or were travelers from the Blue Universe?
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