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I get that, of course. It's not much deeper, though, than Castellan being puzzled as to why Cepheren/Khafra "looks like a black woman." Which immediately begs the question "Were you expecting him to look like a WHITE woman?"
I thought it was the Sphinx he said looks like a black woman?
The Sphinx, which is presumed to be a likeness of Khafra. Castellan says it sort of looks like a black woman; my reply to has been, essentially, "Since Khafra himself (most likely) would have been black, why is that surprising?"

Just because a fact is self-evident doesn't make it wrong.
Well, if something’s a fact then it wouldn't be wrong regardless of whether it's self evident or not, Right?[/quote]
To the extent the validity of any fact depends on known data -- i.e. other facts -- yes. It is, for example, a FACT that I have a three year old son who is right now sleeping in his favorite Buzz Lightyear sleeping bag. This is, to me, self-evident, since I can take the most obvious evidence of what I see and what I understand about the world at face value.

Now, on closer examination, my son could turn out to be a manifestation of an ongoing Fight Club style psychotic episode; one could make a pretty compelling argument from logic and/or supposition that this was the case, that I don't really have a family at all and just imagined the whole thing. But supposition alone isn't very convincing in the face of the obvious, and if someone was going to try to tell me that my family was imaginary, they'd have to provide some pretty convincing evidence of this for me to believe it.

That's kind of my problem with YOUR objections. You're presupposing that there's no "scientific proof" that Khafra was black or could be identified as having phenotypically common African features. I find that a bit silly, almost on the order of someone claiming that there's no scientific evidence that I have a son. I see a statue of Khafra, I see the likeness of the Sphinx, and I see an African nation that had little or no contact with Arabs or Europeans until 2000 years after Khafra's death. So who am I supposed to believe, you or my lying eyes?
Interesting, do you remember whether in the individuals with this mutation for blue eyes, had both eyes blue, or just one eye?
Both eyes, usually, though different eye color in one or the other does happen to.
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