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Re: Has the Blood & Chrome miniseries aired yet?

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I like stories to be told in chronological order, and not be hemed in by a preestablished future that it has to fit into. We know how Caprica is going to end, all the episodes are just waiting to find the details of how we get there. I'd much rather watch a sequel to Battlestar Galactica set on modern day Earth or in the near future and explore the 12 colonies of Kobol with unearthed Ancient Astronaut BSG tech, that might be fun, and its open ended too.
Somewhere around season 1 or 2 of BSG I thought of a pretty good story arc that would've placed the events pretty close to our present.

Deep backstory:

The Cylons were originally built on Earth as AI helpers to the Atlanteans. A piece of genetic engineering got loose and wiped out the human Atlanteans, leaving the higher level robots (named Zeus, Apollo, etc) to carry on. Realizing how fragile humanity was, they decided they should round up humans from the mainland and spread them to other star sytems as an insurance policy. When that was done, they shut themselves down.

A couple thousand years later one of the colonials on an archeological dig stumbles across one of the old robots and eventually manages to reactivate it. It talks of Earth and the need to reconnect all of humanity, etc. He wipes its memory, reverse engineers most of it, and claims it as his "creation", filing a ton of patents. He also hacks the heck out of their thinking, which ends up making them a twisted enemy.

He and some others also use the knowledge of Earth's location to send some scout ships to see if Earth has any crops, technology, or trade goods that would be profitable. They sabotage the scout ships so they can't jump all the way back, instead ending up at preset coordinates, where they are boarded. Their crews are left stranded on nearby planets, and sometimes just airlocked, to prevent the hired crews from revealing the secret about where all the new patentable ideas are really coming from.

Then the "pirates" start working both ends, pretending to be innovative companies on both Earth and the colonies but really just swapping technology back and forth, claiming to each that the items are new inventions. Again, the crews on the ships are always left stranded along the path from the Colonies to Earth.

So along Galactica's journey they keep finding breadcrumbs, including one of the old robot gods who protects a crew stranded on a planet for many decades. They also keep finding mysterious parallels and clues, different writing systems on items they thought were their own inventions, etc.

Meanwhile, some of the Cylons make it back to Earth (Six and few others) and, with spooky music, walk into the Pentagon.

Toward the end of the series, the Galactica jumps in Earth space to meet hundreds of other Battlestars, built in a crash program started by Six and some others, and the Earth takes up the burden.

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